Donnerstag, 13. Oktober 2016

Album mit Strohhalmen

Beim Teamtreffen in Bruchsal haben wir ein kleines Album erstellt...gebunden wird es mit Strohhalmen...ganz einfach herzustellen und doch ein echter Hingucker...und das Designpapier ist einfach zauberhaft...und dieses Papier ist in der Aktion...

• Farbkarton Sahara Sand, Flüsterweiß, Minzmakrone & Petrol
• Designpapier Blühende Fantasie
• gestreifte Kordel Petrol
• Stanze kleines Herz
• Strohhalme


  1. Your album looks fantastic Thank you for sharing the photos. I am wondering if you could share some instructions on how you made the album. After seeing this one of yours I would love to try one myself. I would be so very grateful if you did. Many thanks. Take care.

    1. Hej Linda,

      thank you :-)
      My English is bad, but i tried to translate the Instructions:

      Cover: Cardstock in the size 10 x 29,7cm (height A4)
      Pages: 6 pcs. Cardstock 10x 21cm (width A4)

      3 Paper Straws
      Designer paper as desired
      2 flat magnets
      Thread or the like, needle
      Decoration & Stamps as required


      Fold the Cardstock for the cover at 11-13-24 and 26cm.

      For the front: designer paper in the size 10,5x9,5cm, and for the flap 2x cut designer paper in the size 3,4x9,5cm.
      Stick the magnets before glue the paper. So the magnets are under the paper - they are not visible on the one hand, and on the other, they are resistant.

      Fold all the Carstocks for the pages at 10.5cm. Insert 2 pieces into each other so 3 booklets are produced.

      Thread the thread into a needle and thread through the straw. Put this on the outside of the book. Place a booklet inside the book and fix it with the thread at the back of the book. Simply knot it.

      Still decorate the little book, and it's done.
      HAVE FUN !
      Copyright by Michaela Gack,